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Taking the stress out of tummy time

This photo makes me smile – not only is she a gorgeous baby but she is actually enjoying tummy time and strengthening her neck, head and arm muscles at the same time. Tummy time does not need to be stressful!

When your baby is little, lying on their tummy is boring and hard work especially if they are suffering with reflux or feeding difficulties. If this is the case then don’t try tummy time straight after a feed or try giving more time after a feed before practising this position.

Tummy time can be as simple as lying back with your baby on your chest while having a cuddle so they feel the comfort and warmth of you. It only needs to be for short periods of time, even a minute is beneficial.

Your baby can lie across your lap, be positioned over a rolled towel or pillow and use siblings to play in front to help entertain them. Tummy time is important as it takes the pressure off the back of their head and also helps with skills later on like crawling.

So don’t get stressed about tummy time – have a cuddle, position a toy and make it a fun experience! Practise little and often for success!

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