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Why choose Little Tots Therapy?

We are all highly specialised in working with babies and children with a variety of different childhood conditions. We have over 50 years combined experience in paediatrics.

Our therapists are passionate about supporting children and baby’s development as early as possible. Medical research shows that the early years are the most important time for positive changes in development.

Our team consists of occupational therapists and physiotherapists meaning we can offer a holistic approach when assessing a baby or child’s development.

We are a community team and are happy to come to your child’s home, school or nursery for assessment and treatment.

We provide a family centred approach where your child’s and your goals shape our therapy.

We can complement care you may already be receiving from your local NHS team and will liaise with them with your consent.

We offer flexible appointments including weekends.

We are all registered with the Health professions Council (HPC), our professional bodies and have a DBS certificate.

Understanding our different roles

The role of the Occupational Therapist is to help your baby or child to learn the activities or occupations of everyday life. Examples of daily activities include playing, sleeping, eating, interacting with others and their surrounding environment. As Occupational Therapists we also look at how children use their eyes and hands together, fine motor skills, and how they responds to sensory information such as touch, sounds, light and movement, known as sensory development.

The Physiotherapist will look at how your baby settles in different positions such as lying on their back, their side or their tummy. We look at how they are able to turn their head from side to side and later on how they maintain their head control. These are important foundation skills to enable your baby or child to progress with their movement skills. Examples include hands to feet, rolling, sitting, crawling and later standing. We also look at the variety of positions they move in and out of and how they achieve this.

Contact us

If you would like to contact a member of the team to arrange an appointment or just ask some questions please email us at info@littletotstherapy.co.uk or phone 07538 189071
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